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What's going on

 Climate change poses the most significant challenge to Rhode Island's birds, wildlife and natural resources.

We are already seeing the impacts of climate change in Rhode Island through:

  • Sea Level Rise
  • Warming Air Temperatures
  • Storm Intensity and Frequency 
  • Biodiversity

So how can you help clean energy development in Rhode Island?

Greening your electricity with local, renewable energy is one of the single most effective actions you can take to support clean energy in Rhode Island and combat climate change.

As an Audubon member you have opted to conserve and protect Rhode Island's natural resources. By teaming up with People’s Power & Light, Audubon Society of RI is able to offer you the opportunity to get your electricity from local renewable resources. It's a simple step with a huge impact.

How it works


from one of two renewable energy mix options.


in just 5 minutes online or via phone. All you need is your electricity account number.


as normal. You pay a few cents extra per kWh for renewable energy.

100% New England Sources


Support renewable energy sources in our back yard.

Your Renewable Energy Mix Options

Greening your electricity with People's Power & Light adds a small premium to your electric bill. For most households, it only adds $15-20 per month or 45-74 cents per day. Your total payments toward New England GreenStart and New England Wind are 100% federally tax-deductible.

Your rate per kWh is determined by the renewable energy option you choose. You can select from two renewable energy options, which differ in price and content:

New England Wind logo

biggest impact

New England GreenStart logo

MIX 100% wind power from RI and MA wind turbines (New)   MIX 30% RI and MA wind, solar, new low-impact hydro and anaerobic digester gas (New)
RATE 3.8 cents/kWh in addition to your normal electric bill   RATE 2.2 cents/kWh in addition to your normal electric bill
TAX BENEFIT Your total payments toward New England Wind are 100% federally tax-deductible.   TAX BENEFIT Your total payments toward New England GreenStart are 100% federally tax-deductible.
EXAMPLE You use 600 kWh this month. You will pay $22.80 (600 x $.038) for New England Wind in addition to the existing charges on your electric bill.   EXAMPLE You use 600 kWh this month. You will pay $13.20 (600 x $.022) for New England GreenStart in addition to the existing charges on your electric bill.
Choose This Option   Choose This Option

How much would each option cost for me?

Since the cost of greening your electricity depends on how many kilowatt-hours you consume, you can use our green power calculator to calculate what making the switch might cost you.

  1. Grab your electric bill to determine your average monthly kWh usage.
  2. Then, simply plug your kWh usage (under the Supply part of your bill) into the calculator to see how much you would pay for green power and how many pounds of carbon emissions your purchase of renewable energy would prevent.
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Why does New England Wind have a bigger impact?
Why is it more expensive?

New England Wind is sourced from all “Rhode Island New” renewable energy generators. New generators are designated by the Rhode Island Renewable Energy Standard (RES) and qualify for the state’s renewable energy mandate. In other words, your purchase is incentivizing additional renewable energy on the power grid so you are effectively shifting the grid.

The New England GreenStart mix contains 25% New renewable energy, the purchase of which drives development of new renewable energy. The remaining 75% comes from a low-impact certified hydro power facility up in Rumford Falls, ME. The hydro is not New, so there is no regulatory market for it. Thus, it is very cheap and does not incentivize new renewable energy. However, it helps make New England GreenStart more affordable than New England Wind.

We offer New England GreenStart as a more affordable option. It enables even more Rhode Island residents to make the switch and shift our power grid. Using your electricity dollar to buy 25% additional New is a whole lot better than going with the current electricity mix!


Learn more...

  • It's affordable and 100% federally tax-deductible!. For as little as 45 additional cents per day, you support local renewable energy. To calculate your exact cost, go to www.ripower.org/greencalculator.   
  • You can make a change -- When you add People's Power & Light’s clean-power program to your electric bill for a small additional cost, you are demonstrating to the community your support for the development of clean electricity and action on climate change.
  • The impact -- 1,000 average renters, homeowners, businesses, and non-profits can support 2 new large-scale renewable projects and prevent 5.85 million pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere annually.
  • It's effective – This is a powerful way to vote with your dollar and change the New England grid.
  • It supports Audubon's work -- Sign up today and PP&L will make a donation to Audubon Society of RI!


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